What Dr. Oz Can Teach Us Now

One of televisions most famous doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz,  was hauled in front of the Senate subcommittee of Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance mid-June to testify on the products he promotes on his popular television show. The hearing was dealing with the regulation of dietary supplements (side note-there is relatively no regulation on these). He admitted that the things he promoted would not stand up to “scientific muster”, and his job on the show is to be more of a cheerleader than a doctor.

As a fan of health related shows as well as being a health educator myself, I know how much information gets thrown into our faces every day. It is confusing and often contradicting. So what can we do about it?

Quote from Hippocrates

It comes down to taking responsibility as a consumer. Most people today are not clueless about health; the science hasn’t changed in years regardless of what new products hit the market :

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Stay active
  • Drink more water
  • Everything in moderation
  • Get plenty of sleep

Often times people think of healthy as huge changes, extreme exercise, eating like a rabbit, whatever. But it isn’t- it all comes down to learning how to take responsibility as a consumer for you as well as the people around you, and applying in your life. In my next couple of posts (in between recipes and workouts) I will cover your neighborhood grocery store:

  •  Labels and understanding them
  • Definitions behind shady terms like “all natural” or “farm raised”
  • Smart shopping and money saving tips
  • Big brand marketing schemes
  • Calorie Density vs. Nutrient Density and being able to choose the more nutritious option

Check back soon for more posts and videos 🙂


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